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Learn our “high ROI” study strategies to optimize your study schedule, avoid study methods that don’t work, and learn a framework to master any skill.

How do you pass actuarial exams?

Most people say some variation of: buy a study manual, then do as many practice problems as possible. Oh yeah, and make sure you spend a few hundred hours studying.

That’s like if you wanted to learn how to cook, and someone told you to buy a pan, knives and apron. Then follow as many recipes as you can.

Sure, it will eventually work. But is that an efficient way to learn? You’re on your own to figure out the proper knife skills and cooking techniques along the way. Wouldn’t it be better if someone showed you how to actually use your tools, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel?

That’s what we do in this course. We teach you how to use your study manual, practice problems and other study tools to pass your actuarial exams. We teach you the meta-skill of learning how to learn.

In this 5-day email course, we’ll cover:

Day 1: Course intro & the most important step for exam success

Day 2: The simplest change to reduce study time (how to fix your current study schedule)

Day 3: How to not waste time while reviewing (which methods deliver results)

Day 4: Five steps to mastering your actuarial exams (or any skill) – a framework for learning

Day 5: Limiting beliefs, and how to track your study progress

We compiled these strategies through research and trial and error. Roy used them to become the youngest FSA in history. Mike used them to come back from a failed MLC sitting and attain his FSA 3 years later. These strategies helped us through the preliminary exams, modules, and fellowship exams.

Before grinding through your next exam prep, invest in learning better study strategies. Even if it only saves you 25 hours per exam (achievable with our Days 2 & 3 emails), it adds up over the course of your exam journey. Better yet, these strategies will continue paying dividends as you learn quicker on the job.

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