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Hey everyone, Roy Ju here.  When I finished my exams in 2015, the SOA announced that I became the youngest FSA of all time. I received a flood of emails asking for actuarial exam advice, and I shared my study methods with my close friend, Mike Jennings. He used them to accelerate his exam progress (passing two prelim exams, one fellowship exam, all FAP modules, and all FSA modules within 1.5 years after experiencing a frustrating 2 year exam drought)…so we knew there was something special with this approach.  After receiving several more emails, I partnered with Mike, and we wrote a book to share our methods.

In addition to the book, we are offering free study tips in the Articles section of our website. Reach out to us if you have any questions – we would love to hear from you and help you along your exam journey.

How to Spend Your Limited Review Time

During the final weeks before your actuarial exam, how do you prioritize your time? Not all topics are tested equally, so they don’t deserve an equal amount of your attention. In this article, we cover how to make the most out of your limited review time.

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