Learn How to Pass Your Exams in Less Time with Strategies from the World’s Youngest Actuary

“I highly recommend this book, not just for actuarial exam students, but for anyone who wants to understand and internalize new information.” -Susan Watson, MS, FSA


Tips from the world's youngest actuary

Learn the techniques that Roy used to finish the exams at the age of 20, becoming the world’s youngest actuary.

Research-backed study methods

These strategies aren’t just developed through experience, but have scientific support.


Decrease your study time

Unconventional advice on how to reduce study time from the “100 study hours per exam hour” guideline while still learning the material.

Short text packs a big punch

True to its theme of efficiency, this book gets right to the point. We know you have to get back to studying, so we made this book easy to read and implement.

Endorsed by Professors & Credentialed Actuaries

Read reviews below from Professors and other actuaries who know what it takes to pass the exams.

How to study

There are plenty of resources telling you what to study, but this is the first book that teaches students how to study effectively.

What Our Reviewers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our reviewers do the talking!

“Too many students will attempt to ‘reinvent the wheel,’ and ultimately flounder about aimlessly before discovering (if ever) a study system that produces results.  The owner of this book can skip this highly inefficient process and learn right away from Ju and Jennings what actually works.”

Toby White, FSA, Ph.D.

Curriculum Chair for SOA Exam MFE, Associate Professor of Finance & Actuarial Science

“This book is a must read and a time-saver. I can’t wait to get the hard copy of this book. I read it twice already! I would certainly put this book in the “Reference Book” category — something that you would take out on occasion to answer a query about how to study effectively and efficiently for actuarial exams. I wish had this book when I started my actuarial journey. Passing exams would have been much easier. Mike Jennings and Roy Ju, I don’t know who you are, but I want you to know that I admire and respect your generosity. I can guaranty success to anyone who is willing to try these methods of learning.”

Fatimata Dianda

Actuarial Student

“I highly recommend this book, not just for actuarial exam students, but for anyone who wants to understand and internalize new information…

One of the reasons many people cite for not completing actuarial exams is the work-life balance. It simply takes too much of a toll on personal and family life to study for the exams. Anyone in this situation, at a plateau or contemplating stopping the actuarial exams, should read this book and consider making adjustments to their study process. For those at the beginning of the exam journey, this is a must read!”

Susan Watson, FSA, MS

Associate Professor of Actuarial Science, Drake University

“This is a fantastic read I would recommend to all students taking professional exams (not just actuarial exams). Mike and Roy have done a fantastic job highlighting the importance of learning how to learn, and outlining the proven methods of effective and efficient learning!”

Zilong Zhao

Actuarial Senior Analyst, Cigna

“Living proof that you can pass your exams in less time and get better results by studying smarter not harder…

This is truly a book I wish I had earlier in my generation and I feel it will usher in a new frontier of actuarial professionals going forward.”

Nemo Ashong

Chief Pioneer & Sherpa, ActuarialJourney.com

“This book is a must have cook book for every actuarial candidate. Using the recipe and applying the techniques suggested in the book, I can definitely see the improvement in my studies, in term of speed and knowledge retainability.

The usage of scientific proven methods, such as Feynman technique, spacing effect, etc. in studies is not something one can find easily in the school textbooks. This less than 50-page cook book is one of best investments I have made, which I expect to pay ‘dividends’ when I take my next exam in the near future.”

Kang Quan Heng

Actuarial Analyst, Transamerica

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About this book

Conventional actuarial study advice: Buy a manual, read through each chapter, do as many practice problems as possible, and spend 100 hours per exam hour in preparation for the exam.

Is there a better way?

This is the fundamental question addressed in Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More While Studying Less. In this book, you will find actionable advice to questions such as:

  • What parts of the material should I focus on more than others?
  • How can I make my review sessions more productive? (When and How to review)
  • What is the best way to structure my study sessions to be more productive?
  • How can I pass the exams while spending less time than “100 study hours per exam hour”?

This book presents the study strategies that helped Roy Ju become the world’s youngest actuary, finishing the exams at the age of 20. At this point, most actuarial students will be asking: these strategies worked for Roy, but will they work for the average actuarial student?

This was the primary question that co-author Mike Jennings asked when first learning of Roy’s strategies. After 1.5 years of testing these strategies and accelerating his own exam process (passing 2 preliminary exams, a fellowship exam, the FAP modules and the FSA modules over this period), Mike knew that he and Roy had to share these strategies with all actuarial students.

With early endorsement from professors and actuaries who have been through the exam process, this book is sure to transform the study habits of actuarial students to help them pass their exams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“This is a great book for learning how to study ANYTHING. It obviously is geared towards the Actuarial exams but I plan on using the skills and bullet points from this book throughout the rest of my college career.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book for the prelim or FSA exams?

This book provides strategies that should be applied to both the prelim and FSA exams.

In our Articles section of the site, we address some specific applications of these strategies to both types of exams, but the strategies themselves are universal.

These strategies worked for Roy, but will they work for other students?

The short answer: Yes.

Co-author Mike Jennings was the first “guinea pig” for testing these strategies. Coming off of a failed Exam MLC sitting, Mike applied these study strategies to pass 2 prelim exams, the FAP modules, the FSA modules, and an FSA exam over the next 1.5 years.

Early reviewers of the book have also relayed their initial successes with implementing these strategies, and we look forward to hear even more success stories in the near future.

I've already been passing the exams with my current study strategies - does this book have anything else to offer?

Yes, this book not only focuses on how to pass the exams, but also on how to pass while decreasing your study time. If you are already passing exams, you can focus on the Efficiency section of the book to learn techniques to cut down on study time while continuing to pass.

What if the strategies don't end up working for me?

We encourage you to contact us directly through the Contact Form on our site to discuss any concerns you have with the book, or with implementing the strategies. If we cannot work through your individual questions to your satisfaction, we are happy to offer a refund.

Does this book offer shortcuts to the exam process?

No – we do not endorse any methods to shortcut the exam process and bypass the learning objectives of the SOA, or any other actuarial organization. We consulted SOA volunteers who work with the exams to ensure our book does not conflict with the educational objectives of the organization.

Rather, the book aligns with and promotes the educational objectives of the exams by teaching you better ways to absorb and retain the material, furthering your growth as an actuary.

How can we stay informed on future updates and additional content to the book?

We will continue to offer supplementary material in the Articles section of this website. You can subscribe for updates on this free material and more through the email form on our home page.

Feel free to reach out!

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

“The book is precisely as long as it should be: concepts explained, brief examples given and done. No unnecessary fluff. And as other reviewers have noted: the techniques work, plain and simple.”

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